Mentorship Program Update (Apr, 2011)

I have finished replying to all the entrants in regards to their work submitted. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not heard from me.

The program has been going on for about 3 months already. We had several one to one chats, group chats and numerous email exchanges, all catering to the needs of the mentees. The focus on the conversations is on their individual strength and identity. Through intimate chatting style, I try to bring them to see their own work much clearer and also dwell more into the thinking process and work method when they are approaching their projects. Hopefully through all these exercises, they are able to find the strength in their unique vision and develop further. During the group chats, special guests such as curators, creatives, art buyers and photo agents will be invited to give feedback to their work. Such intimate settings with these respectable experts will also help the mentees get answers to whatever they have always being curious about.

I have also seen and guided the development of their new work and am truly proud of them. I look forward to sharing their work here once they are more complete.

Towards the end of the mentorship program, probably in Jul/Aug, I have decided to do an internal competition among the five mentees, in which there will be guest judges and audience votes. The winner will receive a special prize, so will one of the audience.

Besides meeting up with my mentees when I’m visiting their country, I will also set aside some time to meet up with the other entrants who have submitted their work to this program. I will be sending an email to you regarding my travel plan and schedule. And hope that I can answer some of your questions through a simple coffee and chat session.

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